Obama Narrows in on Healthcare Reform after Infant Death

Wellness proponents are hoping that a brand-new campaign by the Obama Administration will help minimize the sort of clinical malpractice gaffes that cost an 18-month-old child her life. Josie King passed away in 2001 after being administered the wrong medication at a hospital where she was being treated for burns.

The just-announced campaign appears to cost about $1 billion dollars, but the objective is to decrease the variety of harmful conditions determined as being preventable by as much as 40 percent. The program likewise looks for to cut hospital readmissions by 20 percent.

Mistakes in the shipment and administration of health services kill hundreds of Americans every year, according to a report appearing April 13 in the Los Angeles Times. A current study published in the journal Wellness Affairs kept in mind that one in 3 healthcare facility clients suffered an adverse occasion, consisting of the administration of the wrong medicine, the acquisition of an infection or getting the wrong surgery.

Some famous malpractice cases have actually included the amputation of the wrong leg. It’s unusual, but it takes place.

“Those are huge objectives,” said Dr. Don Berwick, a leading nationwide proponent for patient safety who supervises the federal Medicare and Medicaid programs. “But the results for patients and households will be remarkable– millions of individuals … suffering less, 10s of hundreds of fatalities averted, and anguish and worry minimized beyond procedure.”.

An error may be all in a day’s work for a healthcare facility employee. When a medication mix-up takes place or the wrong surgical treatment is carried out, the outcomes can be life altering or even life taking for the patient and often outcomes in medical malpractice suits.

A lot of will bear in mind actor Dennis Quaid, indicating prior to Congress in 2012 after his infant children were provided adult-strength heparin in error. The twin babies hardly made it through.

The effort will be moneyed with the Obama Health Care Campaign– first through the distribution of $500 million in grants that will fund collaborations between community-based companies and medical facilities to fashion programs targeting clients upon their release.

An equal amount–$500 million– is to be spent in the testing of designs made to lower 9 kinds of clinical errors ranging from medical website infections to complications from giving birth.

Sorrel King hopes that such an effort would avoid the kind of medical error that resulted in the fatality of her daughter, Josie. “We cannot continue going at the speed we are going,” she said in a statement, in reference to the status quo before the initiative was revealed.

Will Obama Administration Campaign Cut Down on Medical Malpractice? Mistakes in the delivery and administration of wellness services kill thousands of Americans every year, according to a report appearing April 13 in the Los Angeles Times. A current research published in the journal Health Affairs noted that one in three hospital patients suffered a negative occasion, consisting of the administration of the wrong medicine, the acquisition of an infection or receiving the wrong surgical procedure.

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About Resurgence Health

Resurgence Health Group, LLC was founded to acquire smaller, sole or dominate provider non-urban hospitals in key areas throughout the Southeast. Through the use of selective acquisitions, cost containment practices, reimbursement maximization and physician recruitment, Resurgence Health Group converts the smaller, sole or dominate provider community hospital into a totally integrated acute care medical facility, adding non-acute care services (i.e., long-term care, psychiatric, rehabilitation, alcohol dependency, etc.) and physicians where needed, to increase utilization and profitability to make the facility the health care focal point of the community.

Over the past 20 years, the Executive Officers have owned and operated acute hospitals, nursing homes, medical office buildings, ambulatory surgery centers, diagnostic imaging centers and physician practices. With emphasis on physician recruitment, the Executive Officers have recruited over 750 physicians with a 95% retention rate. The Company’s facilities are generally located in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Texas and Mississippi. The Executive Officers have over 110 years collective experience in the health care operations and turnaround management

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Staffing Nurses – Managing Employees and Agencies

Staffing Nurses – Managing Employees and Agencies

A contract is the lifeblood of any staffing agency or nursing staffing company. You will not believe the number of nursing staffing companies don’t make use of the Web to find agreements. Hospitals and or medical centers themselves will not look at the Internet to find nursing staffing agencies, but there are certain things you can do to generate a response from others in a company to discover you.

Nursing Agencies

Let’s say you are a nursing staffing agency, we can get even more particular and lets say you are an independent registered nurse, a someone program who simply began a nursing staffing firm. You want to work initially and get sufficient contracts to survive to eventually work with registered nurses to cover extra changes.

This is a practical plan that many who really do well begin by doing this. Why? Because money is an enormous barrier that should be overcome in order to progress and end up being a significant player in the medical staffing industry.

You don’t have a great deal of money, however what you do have is a nursing license, that is what you will count on online. Here is exactly what you can do.You could state, they are looking for full time work, they are looking for a nurse to work full time: and you would be appropriate. The fact stays they still need to cover the changes. They are most likely either paying overtime or they are paying large amounts of cash to a larger staffing company.

Approaching the HR Department

Just approach the HR department or the Manager of the center looking for a full time Nurse and offer your services. The price cut is exactly what will draw in the employing mangers to protect a contract with you and put you in the position while they continue looking for a complete time Nurse.

You utilized the Web to find desire advertisements for positions and twisted them in your favor. It’s a win, win situation for everybody and suspect what? Its really works!

They are probably either paying overtime or they are paying big sums of money to a bigger staffing company.

Negotiating Benefits

The last step in getting hired as a nurse in either a nursing agency or a hospital is to figure out what benefits and perks you will have access to as a nurse. Traditionally a nurse will have decent health coverage, and some sort of retirement plan. The health insurance will be fairly standard across the board and you will just have to pick what plan fits your family the best.

The other half of that is the retirement plan, and what type of investments you have access to. Generally, hospitals will offer a 401k retirement plan, and you can choose to either have them manage it, or you can manage it. If you can negotiate it, you want to control the management of your own plan. This will allow you to invest in your own methods, which we recommend looking into different mutual funds, options trading, and standard CD’s. The exact methods to use for your investments is up to you.

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Latest Technological Advances in Medicine

Latest Technological Advances in Medicine

It’s difficult to even begin to touch on how many ways new and growing technology has changed the medical field. The average lifespan today is between 75-85 years old in this country and continues to rise year after year. There is no doubt that medical technology has made huge leaps in the past few decades, and will only continue to do so.

Testing and Prevention

Regular blood tests and lab work can reveal anything from a lack of iron in your blood to certain types of cancers, diabetes and possible heart conditions. These simple tests can be a life saver with early detection.

Technology and Surgery

With the use of x-rays, MRI’s and Cat Scans doctors are able to have an “inside” look at your body and what diseases or ailments may be hiding within. Doctors are able to detect and diagnose problems before they become life threatening. Advances in this field have transformed surgery as a “risky art” into a scientific discipline capable of treating many diseases and conditions.

Drugs and Genetics

Doctors now know that genetics play a part in possibly passing on diseases from one generation to another. Knowing a patient’s health history because of the role genetic testing has played in identifying diseases passed on from generation to generation can give doctors an early start on what to look for in a patient. Vaccines have also played an important role in prevention of diseases and technology has allowed the newest vaccines to prevent certain types of cancers. The manufacturing of legal drugs has allowed the medical profession to prescribe anything from painkillers to mood enhancers to radiation and chemotherapy. There seems to be a medication for almost every ailment these days and it wouldn’t be possible without modern day technology. For the past 200 years the medical field has made enormous progress in the fight against deadly diseases with the help of new technologies. From the invention of the first vaccine to surgeries that can give someone a better quality of life, technology continues to improve the medical field. Da Vinci surgery is a revolutionary move towards bringing surgery into the modern age. You have been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires surgery. If this had happened to you years ago, you would have to have a traditional procedure that would include either laparoscopy (small incisions) or a large, open incision. The former can only be used for procedures that are basic in nature. It is an alternative to open and laparascopy surgery. The Da Vinci surgery system is very versatile and can be used for even some of the most complex procedures. It can be used for heart surgery and numerous types of cancer operations such as prostate cancer. This is a surgical system that is changing the way surgeons do their work! Imagine for a moment, major surgery that can be done with incisions that are tiny and do not leave much of a mark on the patient’s skin. Imagine as well a treatment that requires a shorter hospital stay, a lesser degree of pain and discomfort, and a swifter return to regular day-to-day activities. Not only that, but when you undergo this ground-breaking medical procedure, you have the potential for a much better outcome from a clinical perspective.

Da Vinci Surgery Robots

This system is changing the way that surgeries take place. As a result of it, hospitals and operating physicians are modifying the accepted standards that are in place for the surgical care of patients. Because of Da Vinci surgery, the face of surgery and the experience of it has a new look. When the need for an operation is there, regardless of the condition you suffer from, your number one concern is deciding which surgeon and which medical facility will provide you with the most successful outcome. You also want to choose the surgical experience that will disrupt your daily life the least. Da Vinci surgery can do that for you. Speak with your doctor about what procedural method is most suitable for what needs to be done to get you better.

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